Laknavaram Lake Warangal,(Telangana) A,P

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thread bridge
thread bridge

Beautiful Senary From Going To Lakanvaram

thread bridge

Water Realised Gate

Beautiful Senary Form Gate

Way To Laknvaram Lake 

thread bridge

thread bridge

thread bridge
Laknavaram Lake is around 78Km from Warangal and 6km from Govindaraopet. Tourists coming from
 Warangal direction has to take the NH 202 road towards Mulugu. After crossing mulugu,
 drive 8Km to the right direction into the thick forest to reach this place.
 The green hills of Govindaraopet agency mandal lie side by side to form a massive bowl like
 structure which holds the spacious, beautiful and pristine lake popular known as
 ‘Laknavaram Cheruvu’.
 From road to lake there is a thread bridge constructed without pillars. Iaknavaram is main 
attraction for this bridge.
 The lake was the discovery of ancient Kakatiya rulers. 
They spotted this excellent place amidst trees and green hills lined up around to hold the rainwater. 
The Kakatiya rulers only built a small sluice gate turning the place into a spacious lake which now feeds
 thousands of acres of agricultural land every year. 
The famous Ghanpur/Ramappa temples are on the way in this route.

How To Rich
70 kms away from Warangal
230 Km

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