Malluru Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple Malluru mo:- Eturnagaram :- warangal

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Sri laxmi narasimha swamy
Sri laxmi narasimha swamy Temple

Sri laxmi narasimha swamy Temple Way 
Sri laxmi narasimha swamy Temple Way 
front view of  temple

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Have you ever thought that there are temples at some parts of our country which are still in the hereditary rule of the kings or the Priests but not for general public........ The answer is YES...

Malluru Sri Hemanchala Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple built on a hillock is one of a kind located in a thrown away location amidst of a thick Jungle in warangal district.

But what makes this temple so special that it was kept in dark and away from People....! ?. The answer is the Idol of  Lord Sri Hemanchala Lakshmi Narasimha itself.

Believe me....after the traditional abhishakam which is conducted every day at around 12 PM,the temple priest decorates the idol which is basically carved/ self impregnated on the hill wall with special oil brought by the devotess or the priest himself.....the priest shows the most amazing thing......He presses his fore-finger on to the chest of the Idol and you can see the finger literally going into the rock with out resistance......once he takes out his finger you watch slowly that the trough formed by pressing slowly fills up leaving a impression on the chest.....! and that's not the end, the navel portion (boddu) of the Idol secretes a fluid ( cheemu in Telugu to be precise) at regular intervals of time on a  moon calender will be distributed to devotees on some particular days of week (Saturday & Sunday forsure...other days to be counted)  is considered as elixir to treat various deficiencies in human body like infertility, long term diseases and even mental imbalances.... 
Adding icing on the cake......" The idol of ugra narasimha is the only one in the Entire universe with lord in a Standing Position and a Gigantic height of 9.2m is what he soars, How hard you try... you can never see a swayambhuvu idol of Sri Narasimha in a standing position and I can bet you on that" claims Sri K.Raghavacharyulu the temple priest who family has been with the temple since the last 9 generations.

Also K.Raghavacharyulu claims that the temple was kept out of public sight intentionally by his great great grand fathers to keep the sacredness of  this temple untouched. Later in the recent years the temple priest's have taken the risk of unwinding the laws of his ancestors and brought the temple under the Govt of AP which  has now under taken some relief activities to approach the temple and provided basic amenities

When visting dont forget to bath a natural spring running through the dense forest in the name ofChintamani Jalapatham which is also believed to have many herbal qualities. Try filling a liter and take a sip a day to get cured...I didn't do that but you can if interested....and finally Spare a day for the temple and adore

How To Reach:

The temple is approximately:
130 kms from Hanmakonda on Manuguru's Road.
10 kms from Mangapet
50 Kms from Manuguru
70 Kms from Bhadrachalam via manuguru
The temple can be reached by a 5 kms wak through the jungle from Hanmakonda-EturiNagaram-Manuguru road.
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Sir, is it safe to walk in to the jungle, I'm from Chennai and would love to see this place...Can you guide me please

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