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Kuntala Waterfalls is the highest waterfall in Andhra Pradesh and is beautiful place to visit. These waterfalls, set amidst the Sahayadri mountain range in Andhra Pradesh, presents a wonderful vista with its gushing waters. Identified as the highest waterfalls of the state, the cascade attracts visitors from far and wide. At a distance of about 40 kms from Adilabad city, the fall is to be found near Neredikonda Village in Adilabad district. Kuntala Waterfalls appear as a pleasant surprise, accessible through the twirling roads passing from dense forests.

As per the legends, Kuntala Waterfalls were named after the mythological figure Shakuntala, who was the beloved of King Dushyanta. It is said that both of them fell in love with each other amidst the spectacular beauty of the region. Perhaps Shakuntala used to bathe in the waters of the cascade. Through the dense forests, River Kadam flows and tumbles gushing at Kuntala from the height of 45 meters, creating the astounding waterfall.
One must experience the spectacle of water splashing down and turning into whirls. Owing to this powerful surge, you can feel the air in the region crammed with mist of the darting waters. The cool breeze, with the whiff of flora around, makes the whole atmosphere simply wonderful. In the monsoons, the splendor of the cascade becomes all the more beguiling, since the river comes down with heavy waters.
It appears as if God himself likes this place as much as people do. A temple dedicated to Someshwara Swami is located in the vicinity, where people come to pay their homage to the Lord. You can reach this temple by going through a passage made by a slit in the hill. Festival of 'Maha Shivratri' attracts plenty of devotees to this temple. To put succinctly, Kuntala Waterfalls definitely deserves a visit on your trip to Adilabad.
How long Kuntala ?

Hyderabad to Nirmal
200 Kms
5 hours
                Warangal to Nirmal                                  
217 kms
5.30 hours
Nirmal to Neredigonda
30 kms
45 minutes
Neredigonda to Kuntala
13 kms
30 minutes

Where to stay?

As Neredigonda is located near to these waterfalls, but Neredigonda is a village you may not find good hotels so you can stay in Nirmal hotels. You will find lot of good hotels in Nirmal.
When to visit?

You will find more enjoyment in the rainy season. So you can plan your trips in the months of July, August,September.So you can enjoy the trip in the rainy drops.
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